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Heart Eyes-Green

Heart Eyes-Green

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Please be sure to read our shipping times before purchasing.


NO REFUNDS will be given! Especially for failing to read listings and time frames.

Turnaround Time is 4/5 weeks. This is time it takes to get to me, inspected and packed.

Please allow 6 weeks before contacting about tracking on your order ONLY if there are no updates on the website home page or facebook group. Always check the website or Facebook group for updates for delays. This is to allow time once it’s packed and in post office hands for tracking to update and IF there are NO updates provided as stated.

ALL updates, if any, will be posted in our facebook group as well as website home page. Be sure you check there for any info regarding issues/delays.

There is no rush shipping. We cannot rush the printing process and will not move you to front of the line when it comes time to ship.

*****Cotton Spandex 36x54-6"-60" 260GSM 95% cotton/5% lycra, Soft, very good stretch and recovery. Perfect for leggings, dresses, bummies, peplums and more. Images will be sized at 3"-4"

*****Cotton Twill 36"x54-6"-60" 100% cotton Non Stretch, soft feel. Perfect for tumblers, bags, shorts, masks. Images will be sized at 2"-3".

*****Bullet 36"x54-6"-60" 4 way stretch 240GSM 95% poly/5% lycra. Textured fabric used for bows and headwraps as well as bummies. Images will be sized at 1.5"-2"

*****Double Brushed Poly 36"x54-6"-60" 240GSM 92% poly/4-6% lycra used for all types of clothing. Images will be sized at 3"-4"

*****Rib Knit 36"x54-6"-60" 220GSM 95% poly/5% lycra Images will be sized at 2"-3"

*****Smooth Vinyl 1mm 550GSM, smooth finish, with soft feel, perfect for bows, keychains, softer bags and more. Images will be sized at 2"

*****Pebbled Vinyl 1mm 550GSM sometimes also called textured faux leather but is more sturdy and durable perfect for backpacks, handbags, wristlets and other projects where a more durable vinyl is needed/wanted. Images will be sized at 3"

**Shipping Overages of $1 or more will be refunded. Washing: I suggest washing your fabric on cold, tumble dry low. Do not leave your fabric sitting in the washer, wet, for any extended length of time as this is when bleeding contact occurs.

*Replacements/Credits/Returns: Contact us immediately BEFORE washing and/or cutting any fabric. We cannot offer any replacement or credit if fabric is washed or altered in any way.

All requests for replacements/credits/returns, must be done within 3 days of receiving fabric.

Please note: There are no refunds/cancellations if you simply decide you do not want the fabric because you have changed your mind or did not read the tat.

No replacements/returns/credits will be issued for bleeding/washing issues.

No replacements/returns/credits will be issued for any fabric that has been cut, sewn, and/or altered in any way.

*Credits/Replacements will be offered in the following instances: Fabric received had undisclosed flaws larger than a quarter. Incorrect fabric was sent Fabric sent/received was cut less than amount ordered

Note: If the reverse side of the fabric has spotting or marks that do NOT show through to the front of the fabric, it will be marked as “un-flawed,” as this is not unusual in custom print fabrics.

***********Turnaround Time is 4/5 weeks. This is time it takes to get to me.**********