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Crown and Skulls

Crown and Skulls

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18"x54" Glitter is not shown on actual vinyl print

TAT 7-10 days

 *****Smooth Vinyl 1mm 550GSM, smooth finish, with soft feel, perfect for bows, keychains, softer bags and more. 

Please note: There are no refunds/cancellations if you simply decide you do not want the fabric because you have changed your mind or did not read the tat.

No replacements/returns/credits will be issued for bleeding/washing issues.

No replacements/returns/credits will be issued for any fabric that has been cut, sewn, and/or altered in any way.

*Credits/Replacements will be offered in the following instances: Fabric received had undisclosed flaws NOT along the salvage or anything larger than a quarter. Incorrect fabric was sent Fabric sent/received was cut less than amount ordered

Note: If the reverse side of the fabric has spotting or marks that do NOT show through to the front of the fabric, it will be marked as “un-flawed,” as this is not unusual in custom print fabrics.