Announcements: R66 Begins October 1st-14th

Important Announcements

Round 66 will not begin until October 1st.

All inquiries are to be made to
Inquires MUST include order name and order number.

**Refunds will not be given due to not being able to control ship times.

TAT is 4-6 weeks. This is time it takes to get to me. This does not include your transit time. Delays may occurr at the moment due to courier delays. If this happens we will have updates here, in our group as well as via email auto response. Please wait until full 7 weeks before asking about updates if there is no updates or tracking in either of this places as stated above. TAT starts Monday AFTER round closes.

Please order retail separate from preorders. If you combine these 2 your order will ship all together once preorders are in.